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AFA 4000 now available

TEL and HSE are proud to announce the new AFA 4000, available immediately throughout North America. The AFA 4000 series offers all the functions and reliability of the market-leading TEL digital airflow monitors with a sleek, modern design that improves the user experience and offers enhanced options for visual indicators of fume hood airflow conditions. It is configurable with all the installation options of the AFA 1000 series, including semi-flush and surface mount, post-mounted and inline sensors as well as with a velocity probe for duct monitoring. There are new options for custom designs, but any user familiar with the installation and calibration of an AFA 1000 already has the knowledge to fully operate an AFA 4000.

Contact HSE today, at info@hollandsafety.com or 847-680-9930, for pricing and availability options.

HSE announces portable RPL

The portable Room Pressure Logger (RPL-10P) performs the same primary function of a wall-mounted RPL-10 — continuous monitoring and logging of differential pressure between adjacent spaces — with the convenience of a durable, portable case for use on construction sites. It operates on battery power or plus into a wall outlet. When using battery power, turn off the display backlight to prolong battery life. The unit complies with USP 797, OSHPD, CDC and CAG 003 guidelines.
10P open

10P case

HSE offers BSC alarms for NSF compliance

As you may have heard, changes are afoot in the world of bio-safety cabinet testing. As of April 15, 2016, direct-connected Type A cabinets or canopy- connected Type A cabinets will not be eligible for NSF field certification without a functioning airflow alarm, regardless of a customer’s request. (Click here to download memo from NSF)

Bio-safety Cabinet Monitor

Many of HSE’s customers who test and certify bio-safety cabinets have found the TEL AFA 500-BSC (right) to be an ideal solution for facilities that need to add an airflow alarm to an existing cabinet. Instead of the post-mounted SM6 airflow sensor used for TEL fume hood alarms, the AFA-500 BSC is connected to a velocity probe that is installed in the exhaust duct above the cabinet’s transition collar. HSE provides a 3-by-3-inch galvanized steel square mounting plate. The sensor works best when installed in the center of the duct with the sensor holes be positioned in the direction of the airflow.

In addition, a mounting box for the monitor panel is available at no extra cost.

The AFA 500-BSC utilizes a single-point, pushbutton calibration process. During calibration, the monitor takes an airflow sample and then sets its alarm point at a 20 percent reduction of the measured velocity.

As with all TEL products for HSE, many companies qualify for both the reseller and volume discounts, the latter of which starts with 10 units on a single order. Additional discounts are available for customers who pay with purchase order and/or bank funds.