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HSE exhibits at CETA conference

Every spring, Holland Safety Equipment supports the professionals of the Controlled Environment Testing Association by exhibiting at the organization’s annual conference.

HSE Owner/President Gary Holland represents the company at the 24th annual conference of the Controlled Environment Testing Association in Las Vegas.
HSE Owner/President Gary Holland represents the company at the 24th annual conference of the Controlled Environment Testing Association in Las Vegas.

At this year’s meeting in Las Vegas, HSE staffed an exhibit floor booth and again represented its suite of products during the manufacturer’s update session, an intimate discussion of the goods HSE offers to its customers throughout North America.

There were nearly 300 international attendees at the 24th annual conference, including certifiers, safety professionals, industrial hygienists, facility engineers, quality control personnel and more. The conference spans five days including directors’ meetings, professional exams, rules committee discussions, presentations on regulatory issues and design standards as well as social time.

HSE plans to participates in CETA’s 25th annual conference in April 2017 in Tampa, Fla. For information on CETA, visit cetainternational.org.

HSE now offers suite of smoke sources for airflow visualization

After extended discussions with controlled environtment testing and certification professionals, Holland Safety Equipment has established itself as a direct supplier of smoke sources for airflow visualization. Based on input from industry leaders, HSE now offers a variety of approaches for a range of professional environments.

Where open flames are permitted, the most economical option is the HSE smoke stick kit — a plastic carrying case, aluminum holder and five wicks, each engineered to generate about 60 minutes of smoke. The wick can be extinguished and re-lit as many times as needed until it is completely burned. These materials are custom made for HSE (an MSDS is available upon request) and can be shipped anywhere in North America.

Many critical environments will not allow an open flame, which is why HSE also offers VeriFit Tubes. Manufactured by Nextteq, VeriFit smoke comes from a plastic tube, which eliminates danger from broken glass, and does not require a detachable bulb to pump air. Each tube has an attached, accordion-type bellows that creates puffs of air when depressed. This tube can be capped and used for up to 300 puffs over the course of 24 to 30 hours.

HSE also offers another Nextteq product, the Airflow Test Kit, which features a noncorrosive smoke safe for use in isolation room testing, ventilation ducts and other environments. To maximize efficiency, tubes can be plugged with the supplied rubber stoppers and reused at other test sites. The kits are always ready to use and do not require mixing or additional equipment. Kits contain everything needed for testing, including six noncorrosive smoke tubes.

Finally, HSE continues to make available an industry standard: Gastec Instant Smoke, a chemical glass ampule smoke source. As with similar products, the user must break the glass ampule and use the squeeze bulb to generate smoke plumes. Each kit comes with six ampules, a rubber squeeze bulb and six rubber caps.

HSE introduces new pressure data logger

Room Pressure LoggerThe Room Pressure Logger (RPL-10) from Holland Safety Equipment, with digital display and pushbutton control, is designed to provide monitoring and data logging of the differential pressure between adjacent spaces in critical environments such as compounding pharmacy clean rooms, laboratories, isolation and operating rooms, pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing facilities and hospital construction sites. The RPL-10 also monitors door position with an option for monitoring temperature and humidity. The unit complies with USP 797, OSHPD, CDC and CAG 003 guidelines. Installation and setup are uncomplicated — only a drill is needed.