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Room Pressure Logger

The Room Pressure Logger (RPL-10) is designed to also provide automated logging of the differential pressure between adjacent spaces in compounding pharmacy clean rooms, laboratories, isolation and operating rooms and other critical environments. The RPL-10 also monitors door position with an option for monitoring temperature and/or humidity. The unit complies with USP 797, OSHPD, CDC and CAG 003 guidelines.



  • Compounding Pharmacies
  • Cleanrooms
  • Laboratories and Vivariums
  • Hospital patient, isolation and operating rooms
  • Pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing
  • Hospital construction


  • Monitors pressure and door position
  • Logs data automatically through USB or serial port
  • 4×20 LCD display
  • Room status LEDs — green (normal), red (alarm)
  • Menus and calibration data are password protected
  • High accuracy thermal mass flow sensor-based pressure transducer
  • Wiring, flow signal port and power connections terminate in base unit
  • Optional temperature and humidity monitoring


  • Operator/technician keypad
  • Pressure sensor
  • Magnetic door switch
  • Power supply
  • Wall mount pressure port with 10 feet of tubing
  • All necessary mounting hardware


  • RPL-10: Room pressure, door position, data logging
  • RPL-10TH: Room pressure, door position, data logging, remote temperature and humidity

Downloads: Specification Sheet/Installation Guide

The portable Room Pressure Logger performs the same primary function of a wall-mounted RPL-10— continuous monitoring and logging of differential pressure between adjacent spaces — with the convenience of a durable, portable case for use on construction sites.

Downloads: Feature/specification sheet


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