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Room Pressure Logger – OUT OF STOCK

SEPT. 15, 2022: This product is temporarily out of stock due to a shortage of pressure sensors. We anticipate being able to offer the RPL again by March 2023. Individual components may be available for a la carte orders.

Developed based on input from members of the Controlled Environment Testing Association, the RPL-10 from Associated Safety Products continuously monitors and logs the differential pressure between adjacent spaces in compounding pharmacy clean rooms, laboratories, isolation and operating rooms and other critical environments. Data is written to a USB memory stick that can be used to transfer to a spreadsheet application on a desktop or laptop computer. HSE recommends a weekly data transfer, but the file uses very little memory and the USB drive can hold months’ worth of information.

The RPL-10 also monitors door position and has an option for temperature and humidity monitoring. The unit helps comply with USP 797, OSHPD, CDC, CAG 003 and FDA 503b guidelines. For customers who want help with installation and on-site calibration (zeroing the on-board pressure sensor), HSE can recommend a CETA member cleanroom professional.



  • Compounding Pharmacies
  • Cleanrooms
  • Laboratories and Vivariums
  • Hospital patient, isolation and operating rooms
  • Pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing
  • Hospital construction


  • Monitors pressure and door position
  • Logs data automatically through USB or serial port
  • 4×20 LCD display
  • Room status LEDs — green (normal), red (alarm)
  • Menus and calibration data are password protected
  • High accuracy thermal mass flow sensor-based pressure transducer
  • Wiring, flow signal port and power connections terminate in base unit
  • Optional temperature and humidity monitoring


  • Operator/technician keypad
  • Pressure sensor
  • Magnetic door switch
  • Power supply
  • Wall mount pressure port with 10 feet of tubing
  • All necessary mounting hardware


  • RPL-10: Room pressure, door position, data logging
  • RPL-10TH: Room pressure, door position, data logging, remote temperature and humidity

Downloads: Specification Sheet/Installation Guide | Full Manual


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