Holland Safety Equipment


Cert Stand

The Cert Stand is the ring stand for the professional certifier — faster, easier and cleaner than conventional products.

  • Totally cleanable and non-corroding aluminum base. The days of rusted lab stands are over.
  • Scratch-free, screw-through nylon feet. No more scratching and squealing.
  • Threaded rod segments are 1, 2, 4, 6 and 12 inches long; assemble in any order for variable heights. (Two 6-inch rods are included, only one each of the other sizes. A complete kit is pictured — probe holders are not included.)
  • Rods are side mountable as well for horizontal measurements and spacing.
  • Take readings 1” above the Cert Stand surface, to 31” high.
  • On underside (photo at right), integrated “T” particle generator diffuser. This “T” will hold your hose in the hood and diffuse HEPA integrity challenge per NSF 49.
  • Magnets in the bottom. Your diffuser T can be held in place for clean bench HEPA challenge.
  • Measurements engraved on all four sides for faster downflow readings. Move the tape measure once, move the Cert Stand twice.
  • Multiple screw-through rod locations. Now the sash or rod can’t be in your way for a downflow location. You should be able to get your entire grid side to side without adjustment.
  • One rod location designed for 6-inch hold off from clean bench diffusers.
  • Breaks down for easy storage and transportation.

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